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Where are crash and hang logs found?

Tinderbox is generally very stable but that does not mean you may not find some data from the app can not ingest from drag/drop or find some configuration next really designed for.

Should the unfortunate occur, and the app crashes, macOS will create a crash log which it can be helpful to Tech Support in resolving the cause. Such logs are found inside your home folder at:




Within that folder look for files with names in the format "Tinderbox_yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss_macbookpro.crash". Basically, the filename retains the date/time of the crash.

If reporting a crash, attach a copy of the log file(s) to your email. It is also very helpful to support is you can describe the events lading to the crash and/or a step-by-step method to trigger the crash.

Occasionally an app may not crash but become very busy and have to be stopped (by the user or the system). In such cases a hang report may be created. These are stored in in the main, system-wide Library:


The logs use a similar naming method to the crash logs but use a '.spin' or '.hang' extension.

A more detailed tutorial on crash/hang logs for Tinderbox is available elsewhere.