Tinderbox v9 Icon

Tinderbox files do not have a Tinderbox icon

Tinderbox documents should show the file icon illustrated here and open in Tinderbox if double-clicked. If the icon is for some other application or just a plain white page, Finder believes the file is not associated with Tinderbox. In such instances double-clicking the file will cause the other app to try and open the file or finder will ask the user to choose and application to use. This can be fixed.

In such a case, first check that the file has a '.tbx' file extension.

If there is an extension but still the wrong icon it is likely that, due to some unintended error, you have told Finder to open this document in some other application and/or the later has now assumed 'ownership' of the document. Such and error can happen for a single file or all files of a given file extension.

To fix, locate your file in Finder:

The icons for your Tinderbox file(s) should now regain the expected icon type and open correctly in Tinderbox when double-clicked.