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Registering Tinderbox for the first time

Registering Tinderbox for the first time

When first purchasing Tinderbox, a registration code will be emailed. The code is applied via the Register tab of Preferences, accessed from the Tinderbox menu.

Once registered, the Register tab of Preferences will show how many months' entitlement of free updates are left.

Until a registration code is applied, the application runs in demo mode.

Possible problems applying a licence

The most common registration problems are:

  • Mixing up old and new registration codes, e.g. when applying an upgrade licence but using a previous code
  • Using a different name (or middle initial) in the registration window from the name on the order. To Tinderbox, J. Doe, joe and J. Q. Doe are all different names.
  • omitting the optional organisation name if one was given during purchase.
  • mistaking the letter "l" (lowercase L) and the numeral "1" in the registration code.