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Updating an existing installation

To replace an existing version, first ensure you have closed the existing version. If required, back up the current app (or ensure you still have its installer). Then:

If you wish to run more than one version, install the new version to a different folder from your existing one. However, do note that both versions will use the same preferences. If the later version has changed significantly, i.e. has differing preferences, this may cause the older version to behave unexpectedly. Versions 6 and 5 can co-exist but it is not recommended to attempt to work in both concurrently as this scenario is not tested.

Updating the application will inherit existing app preferences so if a preference or attribute default changes in a new version this may not be reflected as the app assumes the existing preference is the users choice. A change to preferences on new version install generally only occurs when completely new preferences are introduced or when the new default choice(s) no longer fit with the pre-existing ones. The user can always manually apply changes to bring preferences back in line with current defaults (assuming these are known!). For those using custom configuration files, also bear these in mind when reviewing changes to preferences.

Although you may have more than one version installed, and whilst they may both open if started you should not open more than one version/copy of the app at a time or you may get unexpected results. In other words, unless you are a beta tester and/or are specifically instructed to do so, only run one version at a time.