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Tinderbox can automatically import selected notes from the any Finder folder, including folders in Dropbox or other remote servers. This is set up via the File menu.

Multiple watched folders are supported, i.e. more than one (root level) watched Finder folder.

To connect Tinderbox to a folder, create a root level container (and it can only be at root level) to hold the imported notes and set its $WatchFolder attribute to the name of the Finder folder you want to import. The watched file may be only local to the host Mac drives or may be a shared file via iCloud or Dropbox. Tinderbox will automatically import to or update that container (for supported format files) whenever the TBX document is reopened, and periodically thereafter as part of the AutoFetch cycle.

The new container created in Tinderbox uses the same name as the source OS folder in Finder and as, as a Displayed Attribute, $WatchFolder. The latter\s value is the POSix local path to the watched folder. Reseting the $WatchFolder to the default (i.e. no value) will cause the Watch function to cease operating.

The imported notes inherit from a built-in prototype named 'Imported From Finder', making it easy to common Displayed Attributes or visual appearance. Finder tags are imported into $Tags.

New items

On detecting a new source file, Tinderbox will add a note with the complete source filename (including extension) with the above prototype auto-assigned. The new notes Displayed Attributes table shows (via the prototype):

If the user chooses, additional Displayed Attributes can b e added via the prototype (or individual note's $DisplayedAttributes) though such displayed attributes cannot be editing in the Displayed Attributes table whilst $ReadOnly is ticked (true).

Changed Items

When, during autofetch, a source note is detected as changed (i.e. has a different macOS modification date/time) the affected note is updated:

Note that the 'update' overwrites existing $Text and $Tags. In the case of $Tags the inputs are not merged so any tags set in Tinderbox would be lost. Apart from the 3 attributes above, no other change occurs so things like user attributes set for the note will not be affected.