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Pasting a child to childless notes

This mainly affects work in Outline and Chart views. When pasting notes, either within or between TBXs, it it may often be the case that the paste location needs to be as the child of existing note the currently has no children. With paste, as opposed to drag/drop, there is no way to indicate via the cursor whether the incoming note(s) are to be added as sibling(s) or child(ren). There are two possible approaches. In both cases select the to-be-parent note before:

There is a subtle difference between the two methods. The second only invokes the $OnAdd of the intended new container. The first method invokes the latter and the $OnAdd of that container's parent as the pasted content is initially pasted in as a sibling of the containers and so gets the $OnAdd action of their mutual parent.

If $OnAdd actions are being used or the code used is trivial, then both methods are equally good. If there are significant location-dependent $OnAdd actions, the second method is the best one to use.