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Define new Displayed Attributes pop-over

Define new Displayed Attributes pop-over

If an unidentified attribute is specified in the Add Displayed Attributes pop-over, this pop-over is shown. For each undefined item if it is a valid attribute name it is listed with a pair of controls, or else it is ignored.

For each listed item 2 controls are shown:

  • Create. If ticked, a new attribute of this name is created when the pop-over is dismissed and added to the current note's Displayed Attributes. If left un-ticked (default) a new attribute is not created.
  • pop-up list. This lets the user choose the data type of attribute to create. The default is to create a String data type.

Clicking outside the pop-over or pressing Escape will close the pop-over and create any ticked items. Leave all items unticked if no new attributes are desired.

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