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Shared prototypes

Tinderbox allows users to store prototypes that can be added to any Tinderbox document open on the same Mac. These stored prototypes essentially allow adding 'custom' built-in templates1, and this can assist with configuring new documents more quickly.

Locally shared prototypes are stored as top-level notes in a Tinderbox document named Prototypes.tbx in the Tinderbox support folder's sub-folder "prototypes", at:

~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox/prototypes/Prototypes.tbx 

These shared prototypes will appear at the bottom of the Built-In Prototypes sub-menu. Choosing one of these prototypes will add it to the current document's 'Prototypes' container.

If the current document's 'Prototypes' container already holds a prototype with the chosen name, the command has no effect and no new prototype is created.

The newly added prototype shares most attributes with the source prototype in Prototypes.tbx, with the following exceptions: