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Text Links

This describes links from a text selection, within the $Text of a note, to something else:

The text selected forms the link 'anchor' in the originating note and is coloured according to the colours defined in the Document Settings Text pane's Text link color setting.

For the currently selected note, any text (and web) link anchors can be highlighted by pressing the Cmd+Opt keys: link anchors are temporarily 'double-underscore' underlined as the keys are pressed and the underlining is removed when the keys are released. The latter feature can be disabled via the Underline on ⌘⌥ option in Document Settings Text pane.

For text links where the anchor text is the name of the destination note, the 'ziplinks' method allows rapid creation of text links via the keyboard input (i.e. typing) alone. This replaces the older Quicklinks method allows rapid addition of links.

If text is added or removed within the original anchor the anchor expands or contracts accordingly. If all anchor text deleted the link is deleted completely.

If the anchor is at the end of a line or paragraph, typing more text may extend the anchor when this is not required. In such circumstances, press Opt+spacebar. The closes the anchor and adds a space after the anchor. If a space is not required immediately following the anchor, after adding the ⌥+Spacebar add the desired character, then left arrow key and backspace (delete) key to remove the space and thus allow the anchor to stop in the middle of a word or just before punctuation.

Links can point to a location in the destination note's $Text.

When renaming notes, Tinderbox finds and updates any text links that link to the renamed note and are anchored to the note's old name.

Text links can be used to self-link.