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Linking & aliases

Whilst the content of an alias (text, most attributes, etc.) is shared with the original note on which the alias is based, its inbound and outbound (basic) links belong to the alias itself:

Thus whilst basic links created to/from an alias are discrete to that alias, text links always belong to the original and are drawn as such on maps. Given these differences, notes that aliases support their own discrete Roadmap view and Browse Links dialog.

Legacy only: Be aware that a note' link counts are always for the original. Aliases have no text window as such, opening their text window simply opens that of its original.

For map use, an upshot of the latter is that maps of aliases, e.g. maps of agent contents can never show text links, only the aliases' own basic links.

Making a copy of alias of another alias does not copy that alias's basic links. The new alias will start with no basic links but does inherit those of its original during export if it has no basic links of its own.

Aliases are (HTML) exported as separate entities linking in a fashion appropriate to their location within the export folders. In an export context, the alias note's text still has the original's outbound text links but its own basic links.

The links() operator only investigates links to/from original notes, thus those from aliases are ignored.