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Text tab

This is the default tab of the Text pane and shows the selected note's $Text and, optionally, its Displayed Attributes. By default the text area is empty and there is no Displayed Attributes table displayed.

Title bar

The top grey section of the tab contains a number of controls:

If multiple items are selected in the View pane the lower part of the text pane, below the title bar, is replaced with a grey fill and a caption showing the number of notes selected.

Displayed Attributes

This table is only shown if Displayed Attributes ($DisplayedAttributes) are set for the current note. The table's listing and wording or listing is controlled via the Add Displayed Attributes pop-over accessed from the button in the title bar.

See more detail on configuration and use of the Displayed Attributes table.

Text area

The Text area is the main section of the tab and holds the text ($Text) of the note. The text is RTF text, though note that not all RTF features export to HTML. A ruler (tab bar) for the text area can optionally be toggled on/off (see the Text sub-menu of the Format menu).

Editing text updates the current note's rule and edict (if present).

More on the Text pane: