Content/Type Dependent Outline Icons

Tinderbox Icon

Depending on the presence and amount of content in a note, the outline view will show a slightly different icon in Outline view.

  • No note text - a simple empty box
  • A few characters - a vertical rectangle with a single horizontal bar inside.
  • About 60 characters - a vertical rectangle with two horizontal bars inside.
  • About 500 characters - a vertical rectangle with three horizontal bars inside.
  • A large (amount?) of text - a vertical rectangle with four horizontal bars inside.

In other views, the presence of note content is shown by a 'dog-ear' icon on the note.

Agent icons are similar except the thick bar is at the bottom, not the top. From v3.6.0, disabled ('frozen') agents have an empty bar at the bottom of the icon.

The varying agent/note icon isn't immediately obvious to the eye in Outline view, but once you realise it is there the difference it becomes more intuitive as a way to tell apart Notes and Agents.

Prototype notes also show a colored circle behind the icon. The color used is set in the Map Preferences.

Content/Type Dependent Outline Icons


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