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RSS is a format for syndicating your weblog (or a news site, or anything else). You can automatically create RSS files, a.k.a "news feeds," for syndication with Tinderbox.

Readers using a news aggregator can keep up with the latest RSS files from their favorite sites. Tinderbox can also act as a news aggregator and read RSS feeds from other sites, so you can automatically present the latest headlines from related weblogs and news sites on your page.

Different sites use different syndication formats: RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0, and RSS 2.0. Tinderbox can easily generate any of these formats. You can customize Tinderbox to adapt to any current or future XML format.

(Tinderbox also imports OPML files dropped onto Tinderbox views, and reads OPML outlines. More on this in a later manual!)

Setting up RSS feeds for others to use

RSS export works exactly like HTML export -- it's a template into which information is poured using template codes such as ^get(summary) to get a summary or ^text(plain) to include the whole text.

Note: the summary attribute cited above is not a built-in attribute. It's a user attribute, defined in many of the weblog templates, that holds a summary or short version of a note. You may include the first 25 words of the note by using the code ^text(plain, 25)^ instead of ^get(summary) if you prefer to generate summaries automatically.

Usually, people have two RSS templates, for example, NEWS.RSS (format of the overall news feed) and NEWSITEM.RSS (format of an individual item). Store these in you HTML export templates folder along with the other export templates for this document.

For more on creating and exporting templates, see the HTML Templates chapter of this manual.

Receiving RSS feeds automatically

To automatically fetch others' RSS 0.92 and 2.0 feeds into a Tinderbox note,

First, set the URL of a note to point at an RSS feed:

Next, set AutoFetch to true:

Manually refreshing RSS feeds

Tinderbox automatically checks your RSS feeds once they're set up and whenever you open a file, but if you don't want to wait:

Tinderbox will fetch the RSS newsfeed from the Net.

To control the size of your feeds

You may limit the number of items Tinderbox will import:

To specify new RSS templates

By default, the RSS channel template is called RSSChannel and the item template called RSS. To change this:

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