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Following Links

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To see text links, even if Colored Text Links are disabled in Document Preferences, press and hold cmd and alt.

To follow a text link

In a text window,



To follow a basic link

In a text window,



In any view window,

To follow a link backwards

You can follow a link backwards—from the current note to the note you came from. To do this,

From anywhere,


To choose which link to follow

A note may have many links departing from it: several basic links, several text links . . . . You can see what these links are and choose which one to follow.

First, open the Links window. From anywhere,

Then, in the Links window,

To dismiss the Links window, use its close box, or press Cmd-W.


When you follow a link from a note—by clicking on text, or by clicking the forward button, for instance—Tinderbox goes through this procedure:

Was the click within a single text link?

If so, then follow that link. If not...

Was the click within overlapping links?

If so, then display a dialog allowing the choice of which link to follow. If not...

Follow the first (uppermost) link in the list of links that is not a text link

Inspecting the list of links in the Links window can tell you which link from a note will be followed. Re-arranging the order (priority) of links in the Links window can control which link from that note will be followed, under which circumstances.


When you try to follow a link from a section of text that is the source of more than one text link, Tinderbox will display a dialog listing all the links departing from there.

In that dialog,

To dismiss the dialog without following a link, click Cancel.

To change a link's priority

First, open the Links window. From anywhere,

Then, in the Links window,

When you are done changing link priorities, use its close box to dismiss the Links window.

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