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 Map configuration







Locks a note or (more usually) an adornment to the Map to avoid being moved inadvertently.

Primarily used in Map view (indeed, intended primarily for adornments), if $Lock is true the note can be selected but not repositioned, i.e. $Xpos and$Ypos are locked. Nor can the item be re-sized (i.e. changing $Height or $Width).

A note with $Lock set cannot be drag-repositioned in other views, such as Outline. However, reflecting the fact $Lock is really designed for map use, the Note menu's Move Note Up/Down controls can be used to affect map icon stacking order. As that change the note's $OutlineOrder value (and thus its Outline view position), the View → Arrange menu and shortcuts do work.

The icons used for $Lock state can be customised.

The value of $Lock may be changed via:

In map view, a drag (marquee) select ignores locked items. Locked map items show no re-sizing handle and no link-drag icon. Only adornments show the padlock icon (as above).