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New to v9.1.0, this operator examines each link for the current note, either inbound or outbound; prototype links are excluded. The local, user-set, variable LoopVar is bound to a dictionary-type object of per-link properties, including:

The above features are described for the Browse Links dialog.

eachLink() is read-only: any changes to these variables values are not (yet) recorded as changes to the link.


For example, does this note have a link of type "agree"?

	function isAgreeable(){
		eachLink(aLink) {
				return true;
		return false;

Or, to count the number of links from this note to tasks:

	function linkedTasks(){
		var:number vCount=0;
				vCount += 1;
		return count;

The examples use line breaks for clarity, and the last example may equally well be stored and used in the form:

function linkedTasks(){var:number vCount=0;eachLink(aLink){if($Prototype(aLink["destination"])=="Task"){vCount+=1;};};return count;};