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Pattern: ring()

Pattern: ring()

Note that this pattern cannot be set via the Interior Inspector - use the Plot Inspector. The pattern requires configuration via its parameters. This pattern can be used in shaped notes.


In the simplest usage


displays an arc representing 70% of a complete circle. The circle is always drawn centred on a 9-o'clock position; a 50% completion would fill from 6 through 9 to 12.

Additional optional arguments allow specification of a minimum value, a maximum value, and a target value.

All four inputs may be a literal number, an attribute's value or the result of a simple action code expression.

value is a number (between min and max). Progress - as shown by value - is plotted in $PlotColor.

min is the minimum value number (default: 0).

max is the maximum value number (default: 100).

target (no default) is a desired target value (for value) between min and max and which may be smaller or greater than value. If a target is desired, min and max must also be specified. Target is plotted as two narrow black lines, centred as per the progress bar. target is always drawn in $PlotBackgroundColor.

Example with all inputs

ring(70, 0, 100, 50) 

where the progress is 70%, exceeding the 50% target. The same could be computed:

ring($MyValueNumber, $MyMinNumber, $MyMaxNumber, $MyTargetNumber)