This version is out of date, covering development from v6.0.0 to v6.6.5. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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Setting up for Tab-Delimited Import

For simple data, the auto-generation of attributes from column heads and the data-types assumed are generally correct but for more complexed or nuanced tasks there are some points to bear in mind.

Tinderbox assumes the data will contain a first row of column headers which it can use to map data to existing attributes or generate new ones.

The first column always maps to $Name regardless of the #1 column header value. But, see below for behaviour if a 'Name' column is included elsewhere.

Mapping source column headers to existing Tinderbox attributes

Tinderbox will match a column header, case-sensitively, to any existing system or user attribute. Thus header 'Name' will map to $Name but 'name' will create a new (String-type) $name. Special cases:

Auto-generated (user) attribute names

If a column-header (other than if column #1) does not match an existing system or user attribute name, then a new user attribute will be created. The new attribute will use the exact (case-sensitive) insofar as the source value matches. 'Illegal' characters for attributes are substituted with underscores. Thus, source 'my / stuff' creates $my___ßtuff, 'my / stuff' creates $my____tuff. Note how the case of legal text is maintained and each illegal character is substituted by an underscore. Underscores - common in some database tables are thus maintained during import.

Date type coercion on import

These appear to be the 'rules' for coercion:

Forcing a non-default data type mapping

As shown above lists can't be detected and '0' / '1' may be misconstrued as booleans. There are two ways to avoid this:

Import fixes Key Attributes in created notes

The import process sets each new per-row note's $KeyAttributes. If you are going to apply a prototype to these notes you may first wish to reset the new notes' Key Attributes.

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