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The left list box holds a list of all currently configured Link Types. Clicking on an item makes its values appear in the other boxes on the form.

The Name box shows the name of the currently selected Link Type. The name can be changed.

The Color box holds the color value used to display this Link Type in Map views.

The visible tick-box (default = ticked) indicates whether this Link Type is to be shown in Map views.

The show label tick box toggles the text label visibility on the currently selected Link Type; link type labels are only used in Map views.

The Delete button deletes the currently selected Link Type (without further warning). Some note types are flagged as required and cannot be deleted by users.

The Change button allows the changing of existing Link Types or the addition of new ones. To change a Link Type, select it, change the values and click the Change button. The add a new Link Type, deselect all the existing Link Type and add data for the new Link Type, then click the Change button.

Attributes Link Types pane


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