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Attribute Data Type:   number
Attribute Default Value:   24
Atrribute Group:   HTML
Attribute Inherited from Preferences?     No
Attribute Read-Only?   No

Specifies the maximum number of characters allowed in exported filenames (default is 24 - originally 8). You might want to make this longer to decrease the chance of name clashes amidst exported files.

The maximum value supported is 31 [sic], where this is the total of HTMLFileNameMaxLength and the length of HTMLExportExtension. As the latter defaults to '.html' - 5 characters, the maximum possible length, short of using a shorter extension is 26 characters.

It appears Tinderbox (as a v4.0) is still using old pre-OS10 filename limits. This should allow 32 characters, but using 27+'.html' results in pages with a 'h#0' extension that are effectively unusable.

Setting the value to 28 or more results in a silent failure with no export occurring and no warning to the use.

Given the later it's not clear whether the 'legacy' limit of 31 is deliberate or whether something else in the app's export system can't cope with long filenames.

The default value - for new TBX files - is 24. Note that the default for HTMLFilenameLowerCase also changes to false. In older TBX's created with the original default value, if you try a ';' reset of the value, it sets the old default of 8.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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