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Attribute Data Type:   string
Attribute Default Value:   .html
Atrribute Group:   HTML
Attribute Inherited from Preferences?     Yes
Attribute Read-Only?   No

Specifies the file extension to use for exported HTML pages. The normal default is '.html'.

The as-installed default is created in Tinderbox's Preferences, and may be changed at (local) document level via the Document Preferences — in both cases via the 'Export with extension' option. The Built-in preferences options for this attribute are:

A new note inherits the preference setting but the value can be altered at note level by editing the note's Info window or via a stamp. This allows for other extensions, such as ASP/PHP/etc., to be specified.

The HTML window also allows the exported page's extension to be set. If the window's default is altered it is only used for output via that window; the new value is not stored back as the note's value for this attribute, i.e. HTMLExportExtension.

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[Last updated: 14 Dec 2009, using v5.0]

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