Adobe Acrobat & Reader Viewlets

What is a Viewlet?

Viewlets are short movies showing your computer screen as you undertake a task. They are Flash v5 based and thus smaller to download and run than AVI or QuickTime (MOV); a Flash plug-in is required, but your browser most likely has it already.

These Viewlets were 'shot' on a Windows PC but the process should be similar for a Mac user.

See how dock and un-dock Acrobat 5's new toolbars.

A new feature of the v5 Acrobat suite is the "Office" style toolbars. If you are used to MS Office programs you may find the method, especially of docking, a little strange. The procedure is described in the full Acrobat program's Help on page 13 ("To separate a Toolbar"). The procedure is not described in Reader's Help at all - Oops! Anyway, find out how by watching this short Viewlet - Flash demo (pop-up window) c.236kb.

See how to embed PDFMarks in Word.

One way to avoid 'page flash' with complicated PDF pages is to use page transitions. This involves embedding PDFMark codes in your PDF. You may be surprised to know you can do this in Word. See more by watching this Viewlet - Flash demo (pop-up window) 321kb.

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