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These settings are found in the Net pane of a note's HTML View window:

  • URL. The URL used if this note fetches its contents from the Web, or opens a Web page or email location. (Equivalent to setting the URL attribute)
  • Open in browser. If checked, opening a text window on this note will also open the Web page indicated by the URL field. (Equivalent to setting the ViewInBrowser attribute)
  • AutoFetch. If checked, the note gets its text from the Web page indicated in the URL field. (Equivalent to setting the AutoFetch attribute)
  • RSS Import templates:
    • Channel. The default channel template for RSS feeds. (Equivalent to setting the RSSChannelTemplate attribute).
    • Item. The default item template for RSS feeds. (Equivalent to setting the RSSItemTemplate attribute).
  • Update. Click this button to update the text shown in the code window to reflect any changes you have made to the options in this window.
Net pane


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