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New from v2.5.0, color scheme files allow the user to save or import existing or customised sets of colors from the Attributes dialog's Colors pane.

Creator: Cere

Type: TEXT

Filename Extension: '.tbc'

Icon: White page with Tinderbox program symbol and color chips down the left side.

To use/import a color scheme file simply drag it onto a notes in map, outline, chart, or treemap views of the current Tinderbox data file.

To save a color scheme, open the Attributes dialog's Colors pane and click the 'Save' button and choose a location for the resulting saved file.

Color scheme files are normally intended to be dropped into view windows. If a color scheme file is double-clicked, Tinderbox could crash; v3.0.2+ now properly displays a dialog suggesting that you drop the file in a view window.

From v4.0.0, Color scheme files now record the text font and map font preferences. Often, choice of font and font size is connected to the choice of color scheme. Saving additional information helps makes color schemes more useful. Existing color scheme files will continue to work without change.

Another, more pervasive way to set custom schemes is to customise the colors.xml configuration file. In this case these custom color definitions becomes the default TBX color scheme for any subsequent new TBX files; existing TBXs are unaffected but could be updated by dragging on a similarly defined color scheme file.

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[Last updated: 3 Dec 2008]

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