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The Colors menu allows you to the the Color attribute of the selected note(s) but only that attribute; it can't be used to set the value of other color-data-type attributes that may be configured in the current TBX. To set the color of selected text in a note you must use the Color sub-menu of the Style menu - the latter only being shown when a note is opened and in focus.

The menu contains the following items and lists all predefined colors except white:

  • normal
  • black
  • warm gray
  • warm gray dark
  • cool gray
  • cool gray dark
  • blue
  • cyan
  • green
  • magenta
  • red
  • orange
  • poppy
  • yellow
  • bright blue
  • bright green
  • bright red

The 'normal' color is a special placeholder color that allows the text/attribute to inherit a color based on existing preference/attribute settings. In most cases it defaults to black.

This menu is also displayed as a sub-menu to the Style menu, noting the different focus of action as described above. It can be confusing in Explorer view as this menu is shown when editing in the text pane, although it has no effect on the text.

This menu is configured via the colors.xml file.

Colors menu


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