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From v4.0.0, any paragraph indented with a tab is exported using HTMLIndentedParagraphStart and HTMLIndentedParagraphEnd. Normal paragraph markup is taken from HTMLParagraphStart/End or, for the first paragraph, HTMLFirstParagraphStart/End.

The default value for HTMLIndentedParagraphStart generates a modest indent: <p style="text-indent: 3em;">

Any paragraph starting with an asterisk *) or bullet (•) are automatically tab-indented in Tinderbox but exported to HTML as bulleted lists. Paragraphs starting with a hash symbol (#) are also indented in Tinderbox but export to HTML as numbered lists. See more on Quick Lists.

Text set 2-3 points larger than body text (TextFontSize) is exported to HTML as <h3>, 4-5 points gives <h2> and 6 or more points above body copy is exported as <h1>.

These features are controlled via HTMLMarkupText.

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