Rename Adornment dialog

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This allows you to edit setting for existing adornments in Map views. The dialog has the following settings:

  • Name. This is also the visual caption used on the adornment. To 'hide' the text caption set the text color to the same as the 'Color' setting (below). To use a text caption with no visible adornment color/boundary set the 'color' property (below) to 'transparent'.
  • Text color. This is the color of the adornment's text caption. Default value is 'normal' which for a default body color is white text , or black if the adornment body is set to transparent.
  • Alignment. Settings offered are:
    • Normal (default). Usually resolves as 'left'.
    • Left.
    • Center.
    • Right.
  • Prototype. The prototype note on which to base the initial attributes of new notes created on or dragged onto the adornment. (Added v3.0.5)
  • Color. This is the color of the adornment area itself. Default value is 'normal'; this resolves to a grey fill and 2-pixel black border.
  • Locked. If ticked, the adornment cannot be moved without clearing this setting. This can be useful when reorganising a map so the adornment is not accidentally shifted. Default is un-ticked.
  • Sticky. If ticked, moving the adornment also moves the notes behind which it sits. this saves you the trouble of moving an adornment and then having to re-position the notes on top of them. Default is un-ticked.

The label of the label of the 'Action' box was altered to 'OnAdd Action' for greter clarity in v3.5.0.

Atypically, this dialog cannot be called from any of the main menus, but only from a Map view's pop-up menu.

Rename Adornment dialog


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[Last updated: 3 Dec 2008]

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