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The Paths dialog is called from the Views menu (as 'Path view' [sic]). It might more correctly be called the "Link Types" view or dialog.

The left pane shows all the Link Types currently used (not all types currently defined). Clicking a link type causes all notes linked to or from that type of link to be listed in the right pane. Double-clicking an item in the right pane causes that note to open.

You can apply a different existing or new link type to an existing to a complete path type by selecting it from the left list, typing a new name in the bottom right box and clicking the Rename entire path button.

From v3.5.0, the dialog shows the Outline view colors/icons for listed items.

From v4.0.2, this dialog is drawn with the TBX's MapBackgroundColor. This can help when multiple TBXs are open, if each has a different MapBackgroundColor then it is clear to which TBX a Paths dialog belongs.

Paths dialog


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