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Compound actions are just like simple actions but each action is separated by a semicolon:

Action: Color=red;Priority=high

Sometimes, this leads to complications. Suppose, for example, you want an action to set the OnAdd action. (Perhaps you have an agent that's looking for containers of UrgentTasks, and wants to set the OnAdd action for those containers). The simplest way of writing this is:

Action: OnAdd=Color=red;Priority=high

... which will do two things: set the OnAdd action to "Color=Red" and set the Priority to high.

If you want the OnAdd action to be set to the entire expression, enclose it in quotes:

Action: OnAdd="Color=red;Priority=high"

Note the latter is one of the few instances in Tinderbox where you explicitly use quotes. This quoted style is also required if setting multiple KeyAttribute values.

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[Last updated: 3 Dec 2008]

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