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This TBX and website was created by Mark Anderson, based on a concept originally created by Benoit Pointet (as 'aTbRef'). From that source the document was greatly enlarged published as a website, so as to aid the Tinderbox community.

The first version of this document 'aTbRef.tbx' and associated website was written to reflect a baseline of Tinderbox v2.4 features and has been regularly updated to encompass all version changes since.

As not all users have the latest release, on going changes are recorded with the version where they first appear. That should aid those who don't upgrade regularly.

Eastgate's Mark Bernstein has been extremely helpful along the way in answering all sorts of obscure questions (and shown a lot of patience in his explanations!).

Much of the update data is drawn from the Release Notes kindly provided by Eastgate as part of the Tinderbox downloads. Parts of this document that directly quote copyright materials from Eastgate Systems Inc., e.g. the manual, release notes, etc., and do so with permission from Eastgate Systems Inc.

This document, in its public form is not meant to replace or supplant the manual or the wiki as references. Instead it is simply a way of sharing what I've learned from the kindness of others about Tinderbox.

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[Last updated: 3 Dec 2008]

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