Tinderbox tutorials

The tutorials here are provided courtesy of Shoantel Limited (Mark Anderson).

The tutorials, which are in HTML form, were created using Tinderbox and documented in Clarify. Note that the links below open pages published on www.clarify-it.com's servers. The 'short' URLs are via Bit.ly for use in Twitter and the like.

In more recent articles, where the steps start with a number, you can jump to a step by appending '#step_X_Y' to the main URL, where X is the step number and Y the sub-step. Thus adding '#step_4' opens the main URL at step 4 or '#step_2_1' opens it at step 2.1. This method works with both the full and shortened bit.ly URLs.

Listed in reverse creation order, most recent first (some v5-based processes stily apply in v6):