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Writing in Notes

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The text window for any note is simply a window where you read and write the note's text and images.

To open a text window

In any view window or list of notes,

To type in a note

To put the time or date in a note, choose Insert Date from the Edit file menu.

To put an image into a note

Note that you can’t drag the image directly; you need to select the portion you wish to move to Tinderbox, copy, and paste.

To copy an image of the current view window,

This feature copies the entire view image, not just the visible part.


The Style menu (present when a text window is in front) and the Fonts palette give you control over the appearance of your text, including size, color, and alignment.

If you are importing text from other programs, you may save time if you keep in mind Remove Line Breaks in the Edit menu. It removes unwanted line breaks from the selected text.


Tinderbox can check your spelling in text windows.

From the Edit menu, select Spelling, then Check Spelling to indicate errors in the current note.

Select Spelling, then Check Spelling As You Type to do just that.

If a word indicated as misspelled really isn't, click it, then select Check Spelling then Ignore Word or Learn Word.

The spelling checker ignores (part of) HTML and XML tags. Simple tags like <blockquote> are skipped entirely. Tags with attributes:

<div class="colophone">

continue to be spell-checked internally ("colophone" may be considered an error) although the tag itself is not treated as a spelling error.


For quick writing and note-taking, you will want to create and write in notes quickly, and you may want to keep your hands on the keyboard.

In any view window, pressing Return creates a new note.

With an outline view in front, it is quick and obvious to press Return to create a new note below the one you just wrote. Type a name for the new note, then press Return to dismiss the dialog. Press spacebar to open a text window on the new note, and start typing. When you are done with the note, close the text window. Now you’re ready to press Return again and start a new note.

Open new notes immediately

You can save a step in the above process, and have a text window open on every new note immediately after you create the note. To turn on this behavior in Tinderbox,

Getting around in view windows

In any view window, the arrow keys change which is the selected note.

In any view window, the delete key deletes the selected note.

In an outline window, Cmd-right-arrow makes the selected note show its children, Cmd-left-arrow makes it hide them. Cmd-up-arrow and Cmd-down-arrow move the selected note up and down in the list. Pressing tab and shift-tab move the selected note in and out one level of indention.

In any view window, pressing Enter (not Return) lets you rename the selected note.

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