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Exporting text

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To export the text of all or some of the notes in your Tinderbox document,

All of these are described in the rest of this chapter.


The details of how text is exported are determined by which text export template you choose for the export. Tinderbox comes with some simple export templates that are always available, but you can easily write your own export templates.

For each exported note, Tinderbox copies the text export template to the output file. Placeholdersare replaced with information from the note. For example:


is replaced by the note’s title,


by the note’s text, and


by the value of theAttribute. Most of the placeholders described in HTML Export may also be used in text export, but these are less often necessary.

Avoid ^children and ^justChildren in text export, since text export provides implicitly exports all the descendants of a note or the entire document.


Nakakoji views: named for Kumiyo Nakakoji, who, with Yasushiro Yamamoto, was the first to implement a continuous text view of all the text in a hypertext.

A Nakakoji view window shows you how the text in the selected note (or document, or portion of the document) would be exported with the chosen text export template.

In this window you can:

You can have many Nakakoji view windows open at once.


How much to export

The radio buttons at the left of a Nakakoji view window choose how much of the document to export (and show in the window):

Which template to use

The popup menu at the top center of the window lets you choose which template should be used when exporting to text. Choose a file name from the popup menu, which lists all the text export template files in the text export templates folder.

If this menu displays . . .

. . . Choose template folder,

. . . the name of a template,


Click this button to export the text of the note (or notes or entire document).

After exporting, you can open this new text file with whatever word processor or other text application you choose. (You may need to check your application’s instructions for opening or importing a plain text file.)


Click this button to edit the text export template file used for this window. The template file will open with whatever application you used to create it—a template created with BBEdit will open in BBEdit, a template created in SimpleText will open in SimpleText, and so on.

You can then modify the template, save your changes, return to Tinderbox, and click Update or Export, to see how your changes affect the text export.


Click this button to update the text shown in the window to reflect any changes you have made to the options in this window.

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