Introduction - Tinderbox online manual

Introduction - Tinderbox online manual

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What is this site?

The site is a Tinderbox HTML version of the v4.7.0 PDF manual. It has been produced and placed online with the express consent of the publisher, Eastgate Systems Limited.

On what is it based?

As a new Tinderbox user I wanted a project of decent size to explore using HTML export. I wanted a project of some size to undertake whilst learning the program. Mark Bernstein at Eastgate has kindly allowed me to share the result with other users. Originally based on v2.3.0 the site has been updated - currently it reflects the v4.6.0 release.

The current resource was created using Tinderbox v4.7.1 and replicates the contents and layout of the standard version PDF manual that ships with the Tinderbox v4.6.x application, insofar as is possible. The Tinderbox document attempts to recreate the article structure of the PDF manual, including capitalisation, bold, italics, etc., but some minor layout changes have been made to accommodate the different formats. A few obvious minor errata have been fixed during the port to Tinderbox and most screen grabs have been updated to show the OS X interface.

All contents remain the copyright of Eastgate Systems Limited.

Originally, the ZIP file with the TBX source for the site included the one template used in creation of the web output. However, as from v4.5.0, the templates are internal - it's all in the TBX!

Where does the HTML site live?

Where can I get the source Tinderbox file?

Where can I get the current version of Tinderbox?

The Tinderbox program (can also be tried as a demo), including the PDF manual can be downloaded from:

[Last updated: 26 Jul 2009]

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