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tab tag

The tab tag is used to define a tab used within a (document) window.

Note: this file format is not formally published and the tag attributes are subject to ongoing change. The code sample is taken from an actual tab's data but the order of the attributes cannot be assumed to be constant. As such this does not constitute an official specification of the tag.

<tab selected="0" name="" subtitle="" viewType="0" usingRoadmap="0" hideBreadcrumbs="0" scale="32" ID="1639525654" scrollX="448" scrollY="398" selection="1639406348 " expanded="" textTab="0" splitRatio="0.5" xattribute="Name" xattribute2="Height" xdisplayattribute="DisplayName" xbarattribute="OutlineOrder" xcontainer="" xquery="" xqueryLabel="" xbins="5" xunlimited="0" xbins2="5" xunlimited2="0" xheatmap="0" xReportStyle="0" spacing="0.35" aspect="2" hyperbolicScale="1" path="" focus="1639510536" crosslinks="0" spread="0.5" hasBorder="0" isVertical="0" isCentered="1" lineType="0" itemWidth="220" xspace="10" yspace="10" showColumns="0" usingCheckboxes="0" columnString="_(218);MyNumber(100;2);MyDate(100;l);" treemapExpression="" treemapColorExpression="" treemapBorderColorExpression="$Color" treemapColorStart="#fffef9100" treemapColorEnd="#ccd5bf100" treemapDepth="0" attribute="" container="" bins="10" sortAttribute="" sortDirections="0" summaryAttribute="" summaryMethod="" query="" queryLabel="" action="" actionLabel="" fontSize="12" showFilter="0" filterString="" filterName="" />

selected. Selection state of the tab. A value of 1 indicated the tab is selected. All other tabs have a value of 0.

name. An optional title string (set/edited via the tab gallery). Default is "", in which case the normal tab label of '[view type]: [root container name]' is used.

subtitle. An optional descriptive string that is set using the tab gallery feature, and can only be seen in the Gallery listing.

viewType. The view pane's current view type:

usingRoadmap. Show/hide state of the text pane links panel. Default value is "0" (hidden)

hideBreadcrumbs. View state of the view pane breadcrumb bar. Values are 0 (shown - default) or 1(hidden).

scale. View pane's zoom state. Default value is 32. Zoomed in (larger text) views have higher values, zoomed out views a smaller value.

ID. The note $ID of the root item for the view.

scrollX. Horizontal scroll position of the view, when last saved. Default is 0. (units of value unknown - pixels?).

scrollY. Vertical scroll position of the view, when last saved. Default is 0 (units of value unknown - pixels).

selection. The $ID number(s) of the view pane's selected item(s) as a space-delimited list.

expanded. Used by Outline and Chart. A space-delimited list of $IDs in scope in the view that are expanded.

textTab. The currently selected tab in the text pane. The default is 0 (text). Other values 1 (HTML) and 2 (preview).

splitRatio. The current split ratio of the view and text panes. Default is 0.5, each pane using 50% of the window. A value of 1.0 equates to all text pane, a value of 0 to all View pane.

xattribute, xattribute2, xdisplayattribute, xbarattribute, xcontainer, xquery, xqueryLabel, xbins, xunlimited, xbins2, xunlimited2, xheatmap, xReportStyle. Data relating specifically to the Crosstabs view, see detail:

spacing, aspect, hyperbolicScale, path, focus, crosslinks, spread. Data relating specifically to Hyperbolic view, see detail.

hasBorder, isVertical, isCentered, lineType, itemWidth, xspace, yspace. Data relating specifically to Chart view, see detail.

showColumns, usingCheckboxes, columnString, showFilter. Data relating specifically to Outline view, see detail.

treemapExpression, treemapColorExpression, treemapBorderColorExpression, treemapColorStart, treemapColorEnd, treemapDepth. Data relating specifically to Treemap view, see detail.

attribute, container, bins, sortAttribute, sortDirections, summaryAttribute, summaryMethod, query, queryLabel, action, actionLabel. Data relating specifically to Attribute Browser view, see detail.

The difference in the degree of differing view types' use of XML data reflects how some already store much or all of their view configuration data in attribute values.