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Text pane link widget

Text pane link widget

The Text view's header section shows a circle looking like a link parking space, to the left of the note title. In fact it functions like the link widget seen in the view pane. It permanently holds a basic link from the current note or, if there is a selection in text, a text link.

The widget is style similarly to the tab-bar link park. The link parking space shows a green fill by default. If used in this condition, the link dragged is a basic link from the current note. If there is a selection in the note's $Text, the tool shows a superimposed white 'T'. If used in this condition the link dragged is a text link. The widget only shows as empty if no note is currently selected.

Making a link via dragging

Click on the link tool and drag:

  • destination item is visible in current view: release the drag onto the destination note. The Create Link pop-over will then be shown to complete configuration of the link. If the wrong destination has been selected, press the Escape key to cancel the process.
  • destination item is not visible in the current view: drag the link onto the tab bar's link park and use the latter to complete the process.

Links cannot be dragged between different document windows, i.e. outside the current window.

Links cannot be dragged to, or from, Treemap view items.

Using the pop-up

Click on the link parking space. Use the pop-up dialog presented to enter the destination note's title, after which the Create Link pop-over will be shown. Use the Escape key to cancel if details are not correct. The pop-up retains, for the session, the name of the note last successfully linked to via the pop-up (as opposed to using drag-drop completion)