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Tab bar link parking space

Tab bar link parking space

The link park is the green circle at the left end of the current window's tab bar. As such the tool is accessible from any tab in the current window. The purpose of the tool is to allow the user to 'park' links that cannot be completed within the current view. The view, or tab, focus can then be changed allowing the link creation to be completed by dragging the link from the parking tool onto the destination note.

The type of link created, basic or text, will depend on the link currently parked. As such, the tool will show in one of 3 conditions:

  • Empty. The default when a document is opened, either when new or for a new editing session. In this condition the tool is an empty green ring.
  • Basic link is parked (illustrated). The tool has a solid green fill.
  • Text link is parked. The tool has a solid green fill with a superimposed white 'T'

Links are parked here using either the view pane link widgets or the text pane link widget.

Links cannot be dragged between different document windows, i.e. outside the current window or between documents. Each document window, if more than one, supports its own discrete link park, i.e. the link parked in window #1 is not available in window #2 and vice versa. Links cannot be dragged to, or from, Treemap view items

Links can be created via one of two methods: drag/drop or clicking the tool and entering a destination via the link parking space's pop-over.

Dragging to complete a parked link

Ensure the destination item is visible in the current view pane. Click on the link park and drag onto the destination note. On drop, the Create Link pop-over will open to allow the link to be configured. If the wrong destination was selected simply press the Escape key (‚éč) to cancel the link and start a new drag.

Using the pop-up to complete a link

Click on the link park. Use the pop-over dialog presented to enter the destination note's title, after which the Create Link pop-over will be shown. Use the Escape key to cancel if details are not correct.

Replacing the parked link

Dragging a link to the link park does not create a link from the source note until the parked link is completed via one of the methods described below. Thus a parked link can be used to create one, or more, links as required during a session.

The link park only ever stores the stub of one link. To store a different link, simply drag from the new source onto the tool. The newly stored link replaces the previous one. There is no need to delete a stored link; either replace it or leave it. At the end of the current session sorted links are not retained. The link park is always empty at the start of a new session.

Note for users of previous Tinderbox versions: this tool works in exactly the same manner as the three link parks on the older app's toolbar.