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Prototype: Markdown


Allows notes to use Markdown, for local preview or export, without further fiddling with scripts post-export. The prototype presets $HTMLPreviewCommand to use a Markdown distribution inside the Tinderbox app although other builds or different render scrips can be user-configured. $HTMLParagraphStart and $HTMLParagraphEnd to "" (i.e. no code string) in order to eliminate unwanted paragraph markup tags. $Ziplinks is set to false.

This prototype's non-default customisations other than $IsPrototype, $Name, and intrinsic map features (height, width, etc.) are listed below.

$Color: "lighter black".

$HTMLBoldEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLBoldStart: "" (empty string).

$HTMLItalicEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLItalicStart: "" (empty string).

$HTMLMarkdown: true (ticked).

$HTMLMarkupText: false (un-ticked).

$HTMLParagraphEnd: "" (empty string).

$HTMLParagraphStart: "" (empty string).

$HTMLPreviewCommand: "CommonMark".

$LineSpacing: 120.

$ParagraphSpacing: "4".

$Tabs: "0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;0.375;".

$TextFont: "IdealSansSSm-Book".