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Sort Transform pop-up list

Sort Transform pop-up list

Containers and agents may apply a transform before sorting string attributes. The transform is selected from a pop-up menu in the container or the Action Inspector's Sort sub-tab.

The resulting setting is stored in the attributes $SortTransform and $SortAlsoTransform which may also be set directly to control the sort transform.

The available transforms (further described here) include:

  • case-sensitive.
  • case-insensitive.
  • last word. This is useful to sort note titles that are names, i.e. 'John Doe' sorts as for 'Doe' not 'John...'.
  • original note. Sorts as per the $Outline order of the original of the alias.
  • library sorting. From v9.6.0, library sorting ignores initial words "a", "an", and "the". The defaults can be configured via the document's Hints section—see more.