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Dropping Text files into Tinderbox

This describes use of plain text files (e.g. '.txt.'). Rich Text (RTF) files are not supported for drag/drop

Dragging onto an Outline, Map view

Dragging a file onto a major view window creates a new note whose $Name is the filename of the dropped file. The new file is added at the top of the outline; i.e. $OutlineOrder position '1', or first in sibling order if the view focus is a container. Chart view does not support a general drop, but also see below. When a text file is dropped, Tinderbox will try and find embedded formats: see 'other types of data' below.

Dragging onto a note icon in Outline or Chart view

Dragging a file onto a note icon in a view window creates a new note whose $Name is the filename of the dropped file. Use the normal note-positioning tell-back to see see if a note is added as a sibling or child of the note under the drop. Note that Map view does not support this degree of placement.

In Outline view, dropping onto a note icon is just that: the icon at left and not its badge or title.

Dragging into the $Text area of the text pane

Copy the note's contents and paste instead, otherwise the dropped note is embedded in $Text—as opposed to extracting and adding the text therein.

Other types of text data

Be aware Tinderbox handles drops of other textual data in particular ways:

Text formats not supported

These formats not supported for drag/drop:

Styled text such as RTF, word processor test, rendered HTML can be imported by copy/paste to the $Text of a selected note; there is no automated method for multiple imports of such data.