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Tinderbox supports Sonny Software's Bookends reference and citation manager.

To drag a reference into Tinderbox, use Cmd+Opt+drag from the Bookmark window into a Tinderbox view or a Tinderbox text window. N.B. Bookends requires the Cmd+Opt keys to be depressed before clicking on the item to drag; otherwise, the import to Tinderbox does not occur correctly.

RIS reference import (and option-drags from Bookends) extract the reference's abstract, if present, and place it in $Abstract.

Drag imports from Bookends are coerced to $TextColor, which improves interoperability in dark mode.

With Bookends import authors are no longer re-sorted in alphabetical order, and $Authors respects the order in which the authors are listed in the source reference.

Using Bookends v11.2.9+

Use a Cmd+Opt+Drag, ensuring the Cmd+Opt are depressed before the drag starts (otherwise different data is loaded). The modified drag will result in:

Bookends v12.8+

Support for dragging multiple items.