This version is out of date, covering development from v9.5.0 to v9.7.3. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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Tinderbox supports import of data from Sonny Software's Bookends reference and citation manager.

IMPORTANT: dragging from Bookends has varying results depending on the modifier keys depressed. A constraint at the Bookends end of the process (i.e. starting the drag) is that for the modifiers (e.g. Option key, etc.) to be recognised and modify the Bookends behaviour the modifier keys must be depressed before clicking on the selected record(s) to start the drag.

Use with Bookends v11.2.9+. Used with Bookends v12.8+ there is support for dragging selections of multiple Bookends records.

Be aware that a number of aspects of the data passed into Tinderbox depend upon the currently selected export format in Bookends. Thus, selecting 'MLA' vs. 'IEEE' will give a differently styled result in Tinderbox. The options for this should looked up in the Bookends manual (or its support forum).

Drag result options

Note, the last-listed is the one likely of most interest to Tinderbox users:

Auto-importing reference data from Bookends using a dragged link

By using a Cmd+Opt+Drag from Bookends, a note is created and the Bookends pseudo-protocol URL is inserted to the new Tinderbox note's URL. This special URL content is detected and the following occurs, noting that as the drop is detected the note the user then sees has already had these changes applied:

Drag imports from Bookends are coerced to $TextColor, which improves interoperability in dark mode.

From Tinderbox v9.1.0, Bookends-imported date placed in $Authors retains the original author ordering as is needed for referencing. Prior to this $Authors was a Set type but changes in Tinderbox meant source data was being A-Z sorted.

IMPORTANT: the Bookends data import requires a modified drag (explained below). This means doing a Cmd+Opt+Drag (++Drag) and also ensuring the Cmd+Opt keys are depressed before the drag starts. Failure to press the modifier keys first results in different data being loaded). The modified drag will result in: