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 font   [other font-type attributes]


 TextFormat   [other TextFormat Group attributes]

 Note text



 No   [other read-only attributes]

 No   [other intrinsic attributes]



Default display font for new notes

The default value is inherited from Preferences, Text, Font. The default is MercurySSm-Book (at 16pt).

This attribute allows a class of notes (e.g. via a prototype) to inherit a specific body text font via a prototype.

$TextFont is easily overridden simply by selecting a font from the Font palette.

IMPORTANT: Changes to this attribute affect only those notes with no current $Text. Once anything has been added to $Text, inheritance is broken. Thereafter $Text uses the relevant attribute settings as at the time the text was added; they are effectively 'baked' into the $Text. The only way to 'reset' text with the wrong $TextFont value is to select the text and apply plain text formatting (Style menu). WARNING: setting plain text resets all $Text styling attributes. It is not possible to 'reset' only font but not colour, text size, bolding, etc., as might be otherwise intuited.

$TextFont is used for any Text set via an action or rule.

The $TextFont for the current note—or $Text selection therein, can be set using Format menu ▸ Font menu ▸ Show Fonts and using the OS Fonts palette to select the desired font name/face/size.