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 string   [other string-type attributes]

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 Sort configuration






 As at baseline

Specifies the secondary sorting order for notes within containers, agents and smart adornments.

The order is based on the name of an existing system or user attribute. The name is cited without a $-prefix as this attribute stores the desired attribute's name, not its value:

CORRECT: $SortAlso = "SomeAttribute" (case-sensitive)

FAIL: $SortAlso = $SomeAttribute

In fact, the latter will work if the value $ SomeAttribute(this) is a valid attribute name.

In default sorting A-Z precedes a-z, thus the sort order Aardvark, Boy, aardvark [sic], though this can be altered by $SortAlsoTransform which offers three choices of sort logic.

A secondary sort is useful where two notes have equal values under the main sort criterion. The primary sort is set via $Sort.

On the Action Inspector's Sort sub-tab, the list of available choices is shown in a $Sort pop-up menu in the lower set of controls.

If unsure of allowed attributes on which to sort, the best place to set a sort is via the note's naming panel (Enter key). If exposed via $DisplayedAttributes, the value pop-up will only show values already sorted on within the document.

To reverse the sort order based on the given attribute, use $SortBackwardAlso.