This version is out of date, covering development from v9.5.0 to v9.7.3. It is maintained here only for inbound reference links from elsewhere. It is no longer actively updated.

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Attribute Data Type: 

Attribute Default Value: 

Attribute Group: 

Attribute Purpose: 

Attribute Inherited from Preferences?   

Attribute UI-configurable? 

Attribute Read-Only? 

Attribute Intrinsic? 

Attribute First Added: 

Attribute Last Altered: 

 date   [other date-type attributes]

 (not set - never)

 Watch   [other Watch Group attributes]

 Data synch






 As at baseline

Used to support Simplenote synchronisation.

The attribute keeps track of the effective modification date according to the Simplenote server.

This is legacy feature as support for Simplenote sync was discontinued from v8.8.0.