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Attribute Default Value: 

Attribute Group: 

Attribute Purpose: 

Attribute Inherited from Preferences?   

Attribute UI-configurable? 

Attribute Read-Only? 

Attribute Intrinsic? 

Attribute First Added: 

Attribute Altered: 

 boolean   [other boolean-type attributes]


 Outline   [other Outline Group attributes]

 Outline configuration



 No   [other read-only attributes]

 No   [other intrinsic attributes]



Use a colour swatch in Outline view instead of a badge.

Controls whether a note in Outline View shows a colour swatch between the note icon and its title. If true the swatch is drawn in $Color.

It occupies the same space as a badge and is suppressed if a $Badge is set

This attribute enables outlines to show simple progress bars. If the latter pattern is used, the swatch is drawn in $Color and $AccentColor.