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Attribute Data Type: 

Attribute Default Value: 

Attribute Group: 

Attribute Purpose: 

Attribute Inherited from Preferences?   

Attribute UI-configurable? 

Attribute Read-Only? 

Attribute Intrinsic? 

Attribute First Added: 

Attribute Last Altered: 

 boolean   [other boolean-type attributes]


 General   [other General Group attributes]

 Special note type designator




 Yes   [other intrinsic attributes]


 As at baseline

Indicates this note is a prototype and can be used as such for by other notes.

A true value implies the note is available as a prototype.

Prototype values are inherited when the prototype is applied, normally at note creation. Subsequent editing of a prototype is not reflected through to notes based on that prototype; other methods must be used to update existing notes based on older prototype values.

$IsPrototype can be set via the Properties Inspector ▸ Prototype tab, 'Prototype' tick-box.