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 string   [other string-type attributes]

 (not set - empty string)

 Appearance   [other Appearance Group attributes]

 Map item badge configuration






 As at baseline

Name of the badge icon set for the note.

The names used in $Badge are case-sensitive. The stored value is the icon name minus the extension, e.g. "ok" instead of "ok.png". UI elements that list badges omit the icon file's extension in their roll-over tooltip.

The badge's name is listed alongside the icon in the Badges pop-up menu. Badges are optionally displayed in Map and Outline Views.

The list of default badge names is given on the Badges pop-up menu page and can also be set via the Appearance Inspector ▸ Interior tab, 'Badge' control.

Emoji and other unicode characters may be used as badges. In place of the badge name, set $Badge to the unicode character to be displayed in the badge area. Best results will generally be obtained with $BadgeSize of 32 or greater.