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URL-Type Attributes


A URL string. If no default value is specified, a URL type defaults to an empty string. URLs are not delimited (i.e. quotes are not required).

URL attributes behave like string attributes. When displayed in a note's displayed attributes table, URL-type attributes show a globe icon before the attribute value. Pressing the icon opens that attribute's stored URL (if any) in the default web browser.

Links dropped on a URL-type Displayed Attribute populate that attribute; links dropped on any other data type Displayed Attributes populate the system $URL.

If using a local path to a file, e.g. to enable AutoFetch use, you must use the file:// protocol rather than a bare file path.

Default/Empty value

An empty string.

Sorting order

As for String Data Type.

URL-type System Attributes

Built-in attributes of the URL data type are listed below: