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$Name and text link anchor updating

When a note is renamed, Tinderbox scans other notes in the document for text links that refer to that note by name. If (a) the text link's destination is the renamed note, and (b) the text link's anchor text is the old name of the renamed note. This is often the desired behaviour, but may in some instances not be desirable. Indeed, be aware as even if you do not use the ziplinks method, there is currently no means to turn off this feature and renaming a note may thus destroy any user set anchors and replace it with the target note's $Name which may not be appropriate.

There is an option to disable automatic renaming is available in Document Settings: Text: Update after renaming. Automatic renaming may also be disabled on individual notes by setting the value of the new attribute $UpdateTextLinksAfterRename.

This is useful in the context of using the basic form of the ziplinks link method where a text link is based on the target note's $Name.