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^file( item )^

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^file( item )^

The filename of the file for the web page of a item (i.e. note). This is the combination of $HTMLExportFileName plus $HTMLExportExtension. If no item is supplied, it defaults to value of 'this'. If HTMLExportFileName is not manually set it is created dynamically at export from $Name, with the filename varying according to the length set in $HTMLFileNameMaxLength (for aTbRef it is currently set to: 100).

The export filename of this note (^file^) is: "/index/Automating_Tinderbox/Coding/Export_Codes/Export_Codes_-_Full_Listing/file_item.html".

The export filename of note "HTMLExportBefore" (^file(HTMLExportBefore)^) is: "/index/Automating_Tinderbox/Coding/Use_of_Attributes/Attribute_Listings/System_Attribute_List/HTMLExportBefore.html".

But see that '^value($HTMLExportFileName+" + "+$HTMLExportExtension)^' gives: ' + .html' ← note the missing filename! The latter problem occurs as $HTMLExportFileName is not evaluated until export.